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    How can I cancel my postpaid application


      Hello, can somebody answer my question regarding cancellation of new postpaid line. I applied online on 01/13/15 with complete requirements, however, after more than a week I received no calls from them for any kind of feedback to i emailed [email protected] for an update but still no reply or call. Then I sent an inquiry to globe via twitter on 02/01/15 hoping they could help with my situation, then after a series of questions they advised my to call globe's hotline (02)7301010. Then I asked for an update/feedback whatever, and the only thing they told me was that somebody will call to verify the info i've given and things like still processing.. this is soooo frustrating. tomorrow it would be a month since I submitted my application and requirements but globe needs this much time to give any feedback? I was thinking of cancelling my application so that I could move on to my other options.