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    None delivery of statement, as a result none payment of bill.  Is it the fault of customer?


      We have been subscriber of GLOVELINES/INOVE. From the very same day we enrolled and availed the services of globe I have not been receiving paper bill on a monthly basis. We are being charged for paper bill but no bill is delivered to us on time.

      Yesterday Feb 11, 2015 I called customer service for the nth time to imform globe of none receipt of bill and that is the main/major reason why we can not pay our bill on time.  As informed by the customer service personnel i talked to, i was told that the amount due is 2,220.47.

      For our  service to be  reconnected i paid the amount of 2,221.00 even without a statement of account, after about 2 hrs I received a message from 1234 that my service will not be connected unless I pay the whole amount.

      If the paper bill was delivered I ould have known how much should be settled.

      It is so unfortunate that Globe can not deliver the complete service they promised, and yet they kept on charging for paper bill.

      If the calls we made to customer service were listened to as they claimed.  They should have adressed the concern.

      If the Customer Service gave me the correct amount to be paid I will pay the whole amount.

      It is no longer my fault that people working for globe are incompetent.  So why should we be punished for a mistake made by the people/workers of globe?