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    Internet connection problem (attenuation, SNR, jitters,...)


      hi! I hope someone can assist me with this problem. I recently reported an issue with my Internet connection. At times, I cannot connect to certain websites on first try. I need to refresh the page to be able to access the said sites. It's basically random websites - even doing a simple google search! I first noticed this problem around December 2014. Globe rep diagnosed it as "line attenuation problem". Globe sent the other day technicians who weren't able to explain in full details the cause of the issue.  They did however changed the cable lines from our house to a post nearby - forgot what the equipment( attached to the post) was called, but it wasn't the cabinet as the technician have mentioned. They told me to monitor if the same issue reoccurs. They say it is possible that the modem itself is causing the problem as well. More than 24 hours after the repair, connection is once again unreliable (unable to connect randomly at first time). There were also instances that at first try, speed testing results in an error perhaps because of the said issue. (Resut of speedtest for 3 consecutive tests - 3.25, 4.40, 4.25). Ping test also revealed wide gap of "jitter results": 300ms, 5ms, 78ms. I also did a diagnostic test using the modem interface and noticed that some tests resulted as "fail" - kindly refer to the attached image. Will you please assess and evaluate the figures shown on the images? I hope you can assist me with this. Thank you!