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    unbilled charges still increasing after bill payment


      I have received a notification on unbilled charges prior to my payment of the current bill. In response to this, I added an extra amount of payment to the bill to cover the unbilled charges. Unfortunately, even after the payment was posted, the unbilled charges still continued to accumulate, and, upon reaching the limit of P500, the subscription was cut off.


      My question is this:


      1) Why was did the unbilled charges continue to accumulate (no sign of decrease despite being supposedly covered in my last bill payment)?

      2) How can I ensure continuous service once this notice has been received?



      This is the second time that I have encountered this problem. The last time, I was merely instructed by the Globe Agent to 1) pay the balance, and 2) apply for reconnection. This was after the service was cut off.


      My attempt at avoiding service disconnection by paying the unbilled amount prior to service disconnection did not work.


      Your thoughts on the matter would be highly appreciated. Thank you.