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    gosakto expired agad


      Nagpaload ako ng 100 kahapon 2/12/15,  then nag GOUNLI80 ako good for 3 days sana. Ngaun expired na! Data is off. May broadband naman sa bahay kaya di kelangan naka-data. Kainis talaga. Maibabalik nu ba un load ko?

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          You mean you haven't use your load prior for registering GoUnli80?

          If that the case several factor that triggers why your load was then drop to 0.

          Mobile data was unintendly activated.

          Subscription to other additional services like ringback.

          Best venue for checking you may try call 211 hotline for Globe customer service will help you out on this. For as long as valid and on the network problem, corresponding adjustments will be made and at they'll explain it to you what was happened.. ☺️

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            Or you have used up the consumable promo...