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    unwanted charges


      I am seeing additional charges to my monthly bills. I already reported VAS that I did not subscribed. I'm thankful that the first report I made the CSR was so kind enough to made an adjustment. Advised me to turn off by unsubscribing, which I did and up to my surprise, still have the charges.

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          May I ask if those charges (VAS) are still the same promo you are receiving upon deactivation or unsubscribing on promos?? if different you have to try texting CHECK and send to the access number that you receiving for, example 2346. and so on.coz ,might you have other subscription on different access codes.



          Option also, call Globe Hotline 211 or 027301300 free, ask for the customer service to process totally deactivate those subscriptions under your account to avoid additional charges...