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    may FAMILY PLAN pa ba?


      i want to apply for a family plan for me and my husband. i am currently a postpaid subscriber and i want to modify my plan. i want it to be same and single account where they will provide 2 numbers both has unli text and call. something like that. im sorry, i cant find it on their website.

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          You are correct in saying that the Family Plan is not being posted in any of their offering right now. Assuming that they did, you would need at least 3 subscriptions in order to qualify for a Family Plan.


          If however you are just considering the unlimited calls and texts option for you and your husband, Globe's new MyLifeStyle Plans would give you just that. Their minimum subscription of Php 599/month/subscription would consist of a base plan of Php 499 (Call and Text unlimited to Globe/TM network) and a GoSurf Php 99 (100Mb/month) plus Php 1.00 consumable (*as deduced as the mimimum subscription is Php 599/month). You can change the GoSurf subscription to a higher consumption but note that your monthly subscription would increase accordingly.