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    Application Status


      I cant believe that i will be waiting for how many days for my postpaid plan application. Its been an issue always with Globe. Since this is where you had a lot of complaints supposedly that would be the area of responsibilities that you would improve more. I applied for the past 2 weeks but up until today i didn't hear anything from them. I also went there for how many times already but they just said to wait for the text confirmation. I even do chatting to chat support from globe but still nothing. I just want to know what exactly my status is. If it is approved or not. I hope that through this complain you will do something for this. Thank you.

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          It is Globe's way of doing due diligence and making sure applicants are qualified as they don't want to have liabilities to offset their already huge and record breaking income (which they always report to their stockholders).


          We are at their mercy but how we wish we could at least find out at which stage of the wait we are right? (It's been almost 2 years that a group of community members have suggested this with a meeting with Globe)


          Come to think of it... it would also be good for Globe if there is some kind of transparency as to the stage of application because not only us would know of the status but also their superiors (and their upper management). The faster the processing, the faster they would know who the potential good paying subscribers are and the faster they can weed out the potential bad paying subscribers. With this kind of process of making things faster and more efficient, Globe can expect a FASTER stream of income which would translate to a BETTER report to their stockholders. Is this not what Globe wants?


          It is definitely GOOD for Globe and as an after effect, also good for the potential subscriber. That's another way of putting it so that Globe could at least see the beauty behind this idea. After all, Globe knows its priorities