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    Globe employee and handset complaint


      Hi, I am a subscriber for globe postpaid for already 1 year and 7 months




      ****this is my whole story****


      I started last July 5, 2013 as a postpaid plan client for globe with plan of 1799php with samsung galaxy s4 for 2 and a half years duration. Within a month of my plan my s4 broke down and had it checked at the globe store and was sent to samsung and the report they have given to me was that the whole motherboard was defective and needs replacement. We asked for a new phone because if the phone's motherboard is damaged and defective then that means the whole phone is defective. They said that they cannot do that and we told them that we want to end our contract because they have given me a handset that was defective. We don't want a phone that already broke down and we are sure that even if we have the 1 year warranty for the phone we cannot say that the phone won't break down again. So we had a lengthy discussion with one of the employee of Globe San Fernando, Pampanga Branch (SM SAN FERNANDO) named "ALLAN" and just to finish the discussion he promised us that if the phone get damaged again (regardless of the warranty) then they will replace the s4. We took his word and took the handset but not because we just want to finish the discussion but because he, as an employee and supervisor of globe is speaking on behalf of globe. After some time the samsung galaxy s4 broke down again, this is dated January 3, 2015 but I only returned the s4 last January 9, 2015 because of the holiday season and asked them to assess the phone and I was asking for a new handset because that is what globe (supervisor ALLAN) promised to us. They said that it is not possible because it is beyond the warranty period, and we told our story regarding the agreement given to us by this "ALLAN" who was the supervisor at that time. He was not on that office anymore because he was actually transferred to GLOBE GUAGUA PAMPANGA and they got a hold of him via phone call and my father talked to him, we discussed about his promise and he told us that he does not remember any agreement and thus they had a heated discussion, he told us that we are not the one paying his salary and if we have any complain then we go through your legal office. We are disappointed by the fact that he lied to us and even used globe as an excuse to finish our first agreement that the store would replace our handset. We are aware about warranties and are not ignorant that is why we are pursuing this case because we are fully aware of what he did to us and the verbal agreement he gave us just to finish the discussion for the handset last  August 6, 2013. I even asked the globe store manager if they had incidents of S4's being returned because of issues and she told us that they have MANY incidents.


      upon assessment of samsung the phone's defect was its battery but I am sure that the battery is not defective because I used my battery on my cousin's S4 for a day and it didn't have any issues, then they gave me another report that the SOFTWARE has a problem. given the fact that my phone broke down for the first time because of HARDWARE issues and now it has SOFTWARE issues, isn't it safe to say that the WHOLE PHONE IS DEFECTIVE?? samsung galaxy s4's lifespan is only 1 year and a half?

      We have given a full report on the incident last JANUARY 9, 2015 with a case number of 72817550 and have followed up for any reports regarding the said investigation and haven’t received any feedback. I have called for 12 times  (every 2 days as the customer service representative keeps on telling me) since the report and return of the handset to the globe store for ASSESSMENT and haven’t heard any feedback and the customer support keeps on telling me to call every 2 days because the SUPPORT TEAM who handles the situation are not giving any feedback. I am getting tired of waiting for nothing because they are keeping me in the dark and there are no initial report about the incident. It has been more than a month now and still no answer.

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          First of all, let us put things in order so that we full know what our rights are in such cases as the warranty period.


          As with any device with warranty, the manufacturer warrants that the object would be in good working condition for the period that they have warranted the device. In the case of Samsung, it is one year. Globe gives an extra concession such that the device could be returned within 7 days and would be replaced by a brand new unit in case of any defect, no questions asked. What happens after 7 days?


          The manufacturer takes over and the unit in case of defect may be repaired, replaced with a reconditioned unit or even replaced with a brand new unit of which is the call of the manufacturer and not by the unit owner. Of course we can request for a brand new unit but the manufacturer is NOT obligated to UNLESS the unit has been found defective CONSISTENTLY of the same reason.


          When the 1 year lapses, any defect could still be repaired but at the cost of the unit owner. This I believe is a common practice everywhere.


          It is quite surprising that the personnel from Globe gave a personal warranty and I don't think he was representing Globe or even the manufacturer's policy when it comes to replacement. You may want to go after him for any liability you have incurred,


          By the way, if you have read the terms and conditions you have signed, the phone has to be assessed by Manufacturer's authorized service Center and NOT by Globe after the 7 day return policy. Returning it to Globe after the 7 day reteurn period would just cause so much delay as Globe would just turn over the units to the authorized service center during scheduled pick up times, and scheduled feedback times necessitating additional steps which could have been avoided if only it was brought straight to the service center.

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            We are very much aware about the said warranty but and the service center but as you can see in my story that the said employee gave out that guarantee that the handset would be replaced regardless of the warranty. As the discussion was made at their globe store, we as the customer are given the mindset that they are speaking as a employee and as a supervisor reassuring a customer that the handset would be replaced if in the future the phone would break down. Am i just to believe that the handset given by globe(manufactured by samsung) only have a lifespan of 1 and a half year and would be defective on both hardware and software? would you if given the same situation be happy or satisfied with such services given?

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                How I wish that things could be easier claimed as that. Dealing with Globe for the past 20 plus years, they will just deny that claim and perhaps put it upon the said employee for the liability as a personal one rather than the company's IF the said employee is still there and IF you would still go to that extent of constantly following up with Globe. I am just being realistic and sharing my experience with you.


                It goes without saying that we would want our device to last as long as possible but again the reality is that the warranty is just 1 year... nothing more... any defect that comes out after a year is not a liability of the manufacturer anymore... be it a Samsung, an iphone or any brand which limits its liabilities to just 1 year.


                Definitely I will not be happy with that kind of situation but I know my rights and the rights of the other party and I just have to respect that. In fact, because of these things and through experience, I have avoided getting expensive devices because most of them would drastically depreciate in value faster than the more inexpensive ones if they don't break down just after the warranty period.