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    can i go away with my gosurf subscription?


      currently recontracted and when i received my first billing for the mylifestyle plan. My data charges went sky high. Apparently under go surf, there are no more time based charges.


      Per CS, you cannot opt out of the gosurf subscription since it will downgrade my plan. Is this true?


      also, if there's an option to unavail the gosurf, will i be able to register for time based charging?


      Appreciate you help since right now, i not using my LTE due to this kind of setup. And to think that the CS told me that nothing will be changed in my plan when i recontracted

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          The Gosurf 99 is mandatory for those Postpaid account who avail SmartPhone this is to safeguard from high data charges.

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            matthewpark84 If you remove your GoSurf, the GoSurf amount allotted should automatically convert into a Consumable. Modification of Promo Packs should be available via Globe Store, hotline, SMS, *143#, GServices, and https://accounts.globe.com.ph by now.

            Will there be any lock-in period for promo packs?

            None. What will be locked in is your MSF commitment. To know what a MSF commitment is, click here.

            You can remove a promo pack any time, but if you don't replace it with another promo pack, the equivalent amount will simply turn into a consumable amount.

            From: About Promo Packs


            Globe has not supplied any info in the Help and Support (GoSURF | HELP AND SUPPORT) section about how subs are charged for data usage after unsubscribing. My guess is it will be volume-based (P2 per megabyte) if you are already on MLP (assuming time-based charging is no longer possible).

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              This was what I was afraid of with the new Lifestyle plans as legacy subscribers would be confused as to how it would work and the period of adjustment would entail quite some time to get used to.


              All goSurf subscriptions are volume based as opposed to time based and Globe takes into consideration that the new "lifestyle" of the subscribers would be based on data and would not really care anymore about the number of minutes for  voice and the number of SMS they send but make it mandatory to have an unlimited voice/sms to Globe/Tm numbers.


              The real income generation would come from data and this is where they take advantage by actual usage or confusion on how to use it.


              The CS was right that you cannot downgrade from the present subscription as the device which came with the plan was computed based on the amount of your subscription. Doing so would require you to preterminate your recontracted plan and thus incure pretermination fees.


              The new MyLifeStyle plan would actually make you spend more rather than save more compared to the previous plan.