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    Do I get charge for requesting a copy of my bill?




      I just chatted with with a globe representative because on the latest bill I received, I saw a charge for P 44.64 with the description "Bill Reprinting Fee" It says "Reprinting" so I thought it should be printed copy sent via regular mail but the agent I've spoke with said this "extra copy" was sent to me via email. Isn't P 44.64 too much for an email? Even if it's a printed copy, should I be charge for requesting a copy of my bill because I haven't received any since I signed up for this globe broadband plan?


      Also, the only reason I've requested for a copy of my bill is because I've never received one via regular mail. So it isn't really an "extra copy".

      I already enrolled my account online and signed up for paperless billing so I can track my bills online and receive all bills via email (again, because I never receive any via regular mail. I would like to attach the whole chat transcript I've had this globe representative but it includes some personal information.


      Anyways, the agent told me she would file for a report for an adjustment but I just want to confirm, do you really charge customers for a copy of their bill sent via email?