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    Re: [[email protected]] - Tattoo Broadband Upgrade to 3MBbps can't be attained even burst/peak rating!


      Thanks for the reply.    How come if it is advertised speed if it can't even attain it once even burst and I have to complain only if below 60%.  The competitions offer otherwise, true to their words.  Moreso, I've been a broadband subscriber since Innove 1998 and from 512kbps, 1Mbps, and even 2 MBps, it's not I attained them for a burst speed but got a sustained connection and even higher by 100kbps for that matter.  And now you're telling us that 60-80% only attainable, why not advertise your 3MBS to 2.5MBbps only for its peak spead and sustainable only for 1.8Mbps to 2.4 Mbps.  It has something to do with our facility and my supplied Prolink H5201 cabled modem (take note it isn't still WiFi) has output peak rating of 3000kbps only.  With the transmission loss, I could really expect that much only.  DON'T advertise if you can't deliver!!!!