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    Globe Center Bacoor


      Today, I went to Globe Center in Bacoor Cavite to apply for Globe cell line. I have been a smart citizen for the last 7 years. I am transferring work and want to try a new provider. I am getting a 1800 plan and according to the customer service guy who has been helping walk-ins that it will be faster if I use my credit card. When I've filled-out the form and gave my credit card to the lady in-charge, they said that I cannot avail of the 1800 plan because my credit card doesn't say it's Gold or Platinum like that of BPI credit cards. Mine is white. I told the lady that it used to be colored gold but when Eastwest gave me my renewal card, it is already white but the credit limit is high. I called Eastwest to tell my predicament and they told me that the merchant can verify with Authorization what type of card I have. I relayed this to the Globe people and told the lady that I understand that Globe and BPI are one company and you can immediately identify preferred clients by the color of the card. I just want to request to call Authorization to confirm what type of card I have. But they still refuse and told me if I really liked to use my credit card for this application, I have to pay 7 months in advance. I said, "why would I do that?".

      I'm really pissed-off and just walked away because I can feel my BP is shooting up. What kind of policy is this?????