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    cut off date


      Hi, I recently started my DSL service on Dec. 20. I paid an advance of 1099 for 2mbps plan. I received my first bill sometime in January and to my surprise my cut off date was set to the 26th. My bill was 1702.84 so I paid only 604 since I already made an advance payment.

      It turns out that instead of having my 1st  month period from Dec. 20 - Jan. 21 I only got 6 days! So the Dec. 27 - Jan. 26 bill ( 1,482.00) would have already been due as of this writing. ( I haven't received my bill yet, paperless)


      Where did the 24 days go? Why was the cut off date set 6 days after? Any advice? Will changing the cut off date help me?

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          Hi ikerallendale usually start of cut off is several days after you applied or the day when your application was processed or when it reflected on Globe system, still you can ask to change the cut off date if you have a preferred one. On your bill, the first 6 days is pro rated...kindly review your previous bill it should be stated there the breakdown and billing period.