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    Disputing local sms overcharge


      I came here hoping to get a direct and clear answer. Here are the details of my issue:


      My billing cycle starts every 20th of each month.

      My plan includes 500 worth of text messages to all network.

      On January 29, I received a text saying I have unbilled charges of P665+ for local SMS.

      I logged in on my Globe account and found that I still have 323 text messages remaining from my monthly bundle.

      I called customer service and was told to call when the bill is generated.

      I called when I received the bill and asked them to send me a copy of my detailed bill which should include ALL NUMBERS that were texted from January 20 to January 29.


      I would understand if I got charged for international text messaging between those dates, which I never did. The text alert says "LOCAL SMS". So why is Globe charging me money and not deducting these local SMS from my bundle?


      Can someone explain this?Globe bill dispute2.jpg