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    Missing Adjustment on account. NEED A GLOBE PERSONNEL!


      last December 23 a call was made with a mgr named "charm"
      the discussion was about the settlement and resolution of the incident on my account.

      the resolve was to have an adjustment credit post on the account the amount of 14,400.00php

      it was expected that this will be posted by January or February billing statement.


      up until now. the adjustment is not yet posted.

      70059476 case # created for the said approved adjustment.


      i have been making followup calls but still no progress was made.

      all the agents are doing is making their protocol followup actions.


      it would have been better if the affected party is copied to those email followups so that the account holder is not left in the dark int he process of these followups.


      and why would you say it is approved and resolve then close the case # if the adjustment has not been implemented.


      this is a very wrong way to handle a ticket. you will only close a ticket if the resolution is implemented not pending to be implemented.


      i really wish this to be resolved as i have been paying my bills monthly instead of the credit amount to be used up. thanks.

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          Arnold Zara

          I'm curious, what was the adjustment for? I'm thinking of two possible reasons why would there be a promised adjustment on your account: you have been incorrectly charged or  that was a one time good will for the inconvenience. And would you happen to know from which department is Charm under?

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              Hi Arnold.

              the adjustment is the agreed settlement of the misunderstanding on the loyalty re-contracting period happened last JULY2014 which resulted to my bill to go over to what is expected.


              to all GLOBE personnel who can read this...


              i have not seek reversal of the said overbilling, i just wanted the account to be fixed, and the resolution was to apply the one time adjustment covering the amount that is not suppose to be on the account as it was not agreed upon during the time of re-contracting.


              this is the PV of the "free phone" given to me.


              i am not sure which dept "charm" was, as far as i can remember she said she is a manager and handled my case personally. we had a few calls/discussion before arriving in the agreed settlement and concluded that i am to be granted that said amount after their investigation.


              i just dont get the idea of closing a case# and not applying the resolution and now ALL agents refuse to create a new case# becoz the said case is already closed and approved and DO NOT need to have another case open.


              how will the responsible dept act upon this if the case# is closed and no SLA is open to be on their queue to alarm them that there is a pending case needed to be fixed.


              all agents are doing is this "escalation emails" that seems to doesn't work as it has been going on since the 1st time i made the followup of the missing adjustment


              do i need to wait for my 24months to end for the adjustment to appear on my bill? how stupid is that person closing a case and not applying the resolution? this is very very upsetting.

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              Hi sir,


              I sent you a private message regarding this. Kindly check your inbox.