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    Globe Tattoo Wifi 999 Termination Fee is too costly


      Hello Globe,


      I bought my mom who is 63 yrs old a Prepaid Globe Tattoo Wifi which we hoped to use for Skype as she is in the Philippines while I am in abroad. The connection wasn't that good so she decided to convert the SIMCARD to plan 999 in the hopes that a "lined connection" would have better bandwidth. Please do take note that my mom did not purchased any additional device or WIFi since we already have it.



      Unfortunately, hindi rin maganda at putol putol din, even to the fact na kahit facebook lang, may umiikot lang sa mga nagloload na pictures.

      So after about more than a month, she decided to terminate the line.


      However, she is being asked to pay for Php3,000 for termination fee.

      I made a search on the Globe website for this, and im assuming the items stated below is what is being referred to as the Php3,000.

      However, i would want to argue with this that the WIFI device was a pre-owned already. Binili namin ito and have paid in full as stated above.

      So hindi applicable yung $2,500 sa ibaba sa amin. Unfortunately yung customer service ay nag iinsists na Php3,000 ang babayaran which for me is ridiculously expensive.


      Furthermore, I think this is a  consumer trap for an ordinary citizen na tulad ng mother ko who is 63 years old at nagpunta sa Globe Center para kumuha ng WIFI plan.  Magsi sign ng contract (and God knows kung naexplain bang mabuti ng customer representative ang inclusions ng contract) only to be dissapointed later when they go home that the bandwidth is horrible, its not even worth paying the Php999 for the usage of internet.  And so mag teterminate ng contract within a month and they are being asked to pay additional $3,000 pesos? Totally ridiculous!



      For the Tattoo plan

      • Within 12 months of subscription date - P2,500 or the cost of device whichever is higher + P550 admin fee if terminated/downgraded.
      • Above 12 months but within 24 months of subscription date - 50% of device cost + P550 admin fee if terminated/downgraded
      • Additional fee - amounting to the rebates availed by subscriber via the Mobile and Tattoo Postpaid Line Bundle Promo