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    Why do I need to proof of financial capacity when changing my postpaid plan configuration, even though I didnt change the amount that I currently am paying now?


      So I have a 1799 plan, with 3200PV


      With the following stuff in it:

      1100 - for the phone

      999 Combo SuperSurf PV999(x 1)

      600 Combo All Net PV100 (5 Mins and 100 SMS)(x 6)

      501 remaining

      Then I submitted a request, to change the "perks" into:

      Same plan 1799 with 3200 PV

      1100 - for the phone

      999 - GoSurf 999 for 5GB data and Spotify Premium

      300 - Globe/TM calls for 20mins X3

      599 - Unli All Net Text


      Why do they need proof of financial capacity? I've got the same plan price.