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    I need tips on recontracting my plan! help.


      Hi, I called the globe loyalty hotline a few times now to ask about what handsets i can get to retain my plan 999. I also messaged Globe telecom in facebook to send me a list of phones i can get for free. So they said lg g3 beat and samsung galaxy grand prime are being offered. I called the loyalty hotline and the first operator said that they do not have samsung phones (galaxy grand prime) on stock for quite some time and discouraged me not to expect to have one soon. She suggested Lg beat instead. so being a samsung user i told the operator that i need to call back and read the reviews for the phone she is suggesting. Not satisfied with the reviews of lg beat. After a couple of days I called the hotline again and talked with another operator. I asked her if samsung grand prime is available if i downgrade my plan to 599 and pay cash out. She said yes it is available and the cashout is 4,800. Not sure if I want to downgrade or retain my amount..I asked that she give me time to decide.  After having decided to stick with my plan 999 in the new my lifestyle plan, I called once again to say that I will re contract plan 999 with samsung galaxy grand prime. But now it is not available and out of stock.  why is it that if i pay cashout in plan 599 it is available but if i get it for free in my plan999 they tell me it is out of stock??? Is this a strategy from globe? Lying to your loyal customers? has anyone here been succesful in getting the samsung grand prime? I have a feeling it is only "out of stock" for a selected group.