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    Dispute on billing


      So I opened a load tipid plan for my mom and it was cancelled because we weren't paying daw. But my mom has receipts and we weren't receiving any bill for that matter.


      Can I raise this as a dispute? They're making me pay a cancellation fee - which in all honesty we wouldn't have cancelled if it weren't they did.


      Hope you can help me.



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          Hi! It would be best to bring the receipts at the nearest globe store for reconciliation of payments. Maybe you can start from there. Once payments are posted, ask for the reconnection of the said account. Request for the waiver of mrf since the account was unused/disconnected, if any.

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            LTP or Load Tipid Plan does not provide billing statement (which Globe treat it as prepaid), this could be the reason Globe system unable to track down payment for this type of plan. You can have it reconnected by just calling the hotline, provide the dates of payment from your receipt.