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    wimax connection

      ano po b possible problem nung connection ko? ung signal nya s modem is ok nmn 5 bar sya...pero ung browsing ko is hindi ganun kabilis...at hindi kaya ng ilang program o windows ang bukas..
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          Try to lessen the apps running on your computer upon startup. You may check that by going to run > then type msconfig then enter, a popup will appear > select system startup you will see a list of app running on the system. Toggle by unchecking the apps which you dont want to run on startup ex. Skype
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            solution palitan ang ISP!!

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                Hi, Please check if your Modem is Bm622m, Based on their field technician. It is not yet good as compared to Bm622. But due to you have a landline Bm622i is not recommended because of it's landline duplicate registration.

                2. Check your Modem signal on the interface. Maybe The RSSI is passed so you have 5bars but how about the CINR Reuse 1, is it lower than 15, If yes please contact the hotline

                3. Check for your computer specs and Hardaware

                4. Check for running apps

                5. Test your ping by opening a cmd and
                How to test ping:
                1. press window key + R
                2. type "cmd" and click okay.
                3. type "ping jeiannueva.tk" or "ping google.com.ph"
                4. If the results have a maximum of morethan 300ms. It is considered failed.
                5. Contact your ISP

                If all of the above solution fails. Please contact your isp
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                thank u...actually i have already tried some of ur suggestion........it was scheduled today to visit by a technician...thanks again.godbless