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    Recontracting & Credit Limit Increase


      Goodevening GLOBE Community!


      Approximately roughly 8 months, our (with my wife) contract/locked-up period will end, so as early as now, we are planning for our re-contracting with the company. In anticipation of the coming Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, I decided to request for Credit Limit adjustment and increase, from the present amount of 2,000 to 3,000, this will facilitate the chances of getting the unit if will land on 2,000 pesos above under Mylifestyle Plan promo (Still not officially announced) like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that is now available on Plan 2,499. So, together with my wife, we send proof of Financial Capacity, payroll to be exact with valid ID's, I have GMI of 15,000-20,000 and my wife around 30,000-50,000. Globe approved the adjustment on my wife's account, from 2,000 to 2,700 credit limit.


      And here's what happen to my requests.


      Since yesterday, I already spoke to at least 3 CSR agent regarding my request, the first CSR agent said that I must send additional proof of financial capacity to facilitate the process of changing 2,000 CL to 3,000. The second one, also inform me about insufficient proof, so I decided to ask some favor, stated my side that I only want to increase my credit limit, to facilitate future PLANS/offers above 2,000 for re-contracting, I also begged for  consideration, in favor to me because despite of lacking proof of financial capacity, I am religiously paying my plan for 3 years and counting, I am also a Globe Blue member to be exact, so the agent noted my appeal. and around 5:00pm yesterday, Globe texted me that may request has been approved and processed. I also checked my account, and the 3,000 credit limit adjustment request is on the system. But, then maybe, Globe change their mind, they reverted my credit limit back to 2,000 around 7:00pm. so, sad.



      Can I still appeal for credit limit increase adjustment? At the first place, they approved it half way. and If Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be offered at plan 2,499, can I still get it for my re-contracting. Any considerations for your LOYAL Blue member?