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    Peso Value


      Hi I do have the My Super Plan 599 with a peso value of 200.
      My peso value seems to be consumed without me knowing it. As per the rep they wont be able to check why it is being consumed until my next bill. However na check naman ng rep all the numbers I'm texting and na validate naman nya na all of it are globe numbers and not exceeding 10 text message for other networks as well as no data usage or what


      But as of now base sa account ko 75 pesos na ng PV ko ang nagamit.
      Gusto ko sanang magamit sa mga combos yung mga peso value ko kaso naiisip ko naman na dahil nga na coconsume sya ng di ko alam kung bakit ehh baka maging on top of the bill ko na yung mga exceeding.

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          I think it would be wonderful for all of us, especially for you, to wait for your next statement to be generated. If possible you may try to use your remaining PV for the Combos you prefer effective on your next billing cycle.


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              Yeah, that's what I did.
              Registered to 2 combos that will consume the 200 PV they mentioned na it will reflect by the next billing cycle.
              Ayoko lang kase na ma bill shock due to a reason na na coconsume sa kung saan yung PV.


              but have any idea WILLfindways what might be causing it to be consumed?
              Or anything that I might personally do to you know for it not to be consume?