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    I spent money on a Facebook game using Globe phone?


      So 4 Days ago(Friday) me and my mom got the Plan 999 where you get a Lenovo phone and Tablet and you have to pay 999 Pesos every month for 2 Years the Lenovo phone had Globe 3G network(unli calls to Globe and Tm phones,was like a postpaid plan), yeah that's fine by me and my parents but i'm just curious, i have a game in Facebook and i used the phone(the one with a 3G network and postpaid) and bought a virtual item in the game(game money) it costed 450 pesos via Paypal, so my mom got a little bit angry cause i didn't ask her and my dad first before i spent,but anyway she checked on a Globe center(from where we got the phone and tablet, in SM Taytay) to check if the price changed, they said(and showed her) that the price was still 999 pesos and the 450 that i spent on my game didn't get added but i'm just wondering will that extra cost show up on the monthly bill?

      Note: I know the price has been charged in my phone, because it showed up a text message from Paypal confirming my payment in my game. Thx in advance.