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    what is my router user and pasword


      i need to have acces to my router user and pasword i lost my wifi

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          What do you mean?

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            Get your Default Gateway IP Address using a command prompt and type it on a browser.  It may ask you for your username & password.  If you forgot your UID & PW then you can reset to factory settings your Globe provided DSL modem/router by pressing the reset button for 10 secs. It's usually located near the ports where the cables are connected. After that you may try to open your Default Gateway again and configure it.




            You need to fill-in the PPPoE Username & Password for your modem/router to connect back to Globe server after resetting your router to factory settings.  Usually, it's the email address you have that has an "@globelines.com.ph" for the username and your Globe account number for the password. If you can't remember your email address then you need to call 211 (Globe Customer Assistance).