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    6 months Spotify Premium Expired


      Hi. So recently, my 6 months Spotify Premium has already expired. I received a message from 8888 that upon the expiry of my Spotify Premium it will auto-renew. It tells me that I need to text SPOTIFY STOP before my free Spotify Premium ends if I don't want the paid version. Yes, I dont want the paid version so I texted 8888 the keywords "SPOTIFY STOP". 8888 replied and told me that I have already stopped my Spotify Premium and will not auto-renew.


      However, I can still use my Spotify as a PREMIUM user. So I am wondering if why is that happening. I don't want to pay a P299 for this month just for the Spotify Premium account. Will globe charge me in my next bill for this Spotify Premium account?

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          As per confirmation from 8888 that you unsubscribed successfully then your subscription won't be renewed and you shouldn't be charged. Keep those text messages for future use. Wait for your next bill and prepare yourself for any unwanted charges. Goodluck!

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            Just check your next billing if you will be charge for it. If yes, then just tell them that you already response to the SMS to stop the Spotify service so they can reverse the charges. If it does not show up on you bill, then clap your hands you got "free" premium subscription without paying for it.