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    Globe Store Queuing Improvement!


      Kudos to Globe for starting to improve their queuing system in some of their Globe Stores (which are not Gen3 stores).


      A while ago, I was expecting to get a number from the Robinson's Ermita Globe Store only to be asked by the guard to input my first and last names in the machine which dispenses a ticket. The ticket used to be a number but instead the machine dispensed a ticket with my name (first name initial and last name... C. Reyes) indicated. Above it stated "Queuerite Demo, Robinson's Place Manila" and right below was March 18, 2015, 06:40 pm.


      There was also an "SMS reference no. 1352" then below was "Transaction priority # 21" and "Estimated Service Time 07:35 PM" Below in very small letters were "This time is subject to change depending on actual customer transaction"


      I was told by the guard that my mobile number would be notified if my turn would be near as I would receive an SMS with the text "Malapit na" I thought he was kidding but I wanted to know how reliable this was.


      On the screen where counters and numbers used to appear were numbers and names appearing. At first I thought that monitoring would be hard since we would not know who would be next only to realize that the expected time of service was already indicated on our ticket so I had time to go around and pay for another bill from a competitor network. I told my self that I would be back 10 minutes before the time indicated or test if they would send me an SMS.


      When I came back around 7:20pm I waited whether I would receive a "Malapit na" SMS but sadly I did not receive any and my name was flashed 3 minutes before the expected time.


      Except for the SMS, I thought that this was really an improvement. I was able to leave the store and in my hurry I forgot to leave my ticket. While having dinner I started to scrutinize the information stated and there was a portion which I did not notice because the fonts were so small and printed in gray against thermal paper. I had to bring out not only my reading glasses but also a magnifying glass to read it. It stated "For Globe Subscribers, you may get a free update on your priority by texting LINE <space>1352<space>BC2122 to 2152"


      Perhaps next time I shall test this... but then again, an improvement is an improvement. This time, Globe did a good job.