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    connecting account


      Hi!  I received a text this morning that my line is being temporarily disconnected due to non-payment of bill.  I have not been able to pay my bill because I didn't know that it is now being delivered via email.  I received a message late last year that bills will become paperless this year, so I immediately called your customer service and said that I still want my bill delivered via courier.  The agent I've spoken with assured me that my bill will still be in hard copy.  I did not know that my bill come January 2015 would still be sent via email.  I waited for my bill to arrive.  When I did not receive it, I assumed that Globe is undergoing a system maintenance in the billing department as was the case some two years ago.  I rarely check my email.  As such, when I was finally able to check it because my uncle said he has email for me, I was surprised to see that my bills were sent via email.  My desktop does not have pdf, so I couldn't open it.  Furthermore, I do not have wifi connection at home.  It was in the office that I was able to check my bill.  I was, of course, shocked with the amount that I have to pay.  I decided to pay on deferred basis because the amount was just too high to be squeezed in my expenses.  With the reasons stated above, I would like my line to be reconnected.  Moreover, I would like to reiterate that my bill be sent via courier and not via email.  Thank you

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          Call the hotline 211. This is account related concern which is not being addressed here.

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            I have been vocal about paperless billing and its forced implementation specially by Globe (other companies have done it with proper procedure).


            More so a forced implementation of a payment if delivered via courier. If we are to follow this argument by Globe, and we also charge Globe for our internet connection to access our Statement of Account?


            We have to remember that in the case of our postpaid accounts, we always pay 1 month MSF in advance so they are able to use our money already without us incurring any service. Check your bills for MSF and you will know what I mean.