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    How to connect from outside to our home's gadget?


      How can I access my IP camera, VPN, router and other gadgets at home due to the recent implementation of Globe Tattoo Broadband Carrier Grade NAT.  I've been your DSL subscriber since 1998 thru your defunct Innove and enjoyed your services until 2012.  Since then I've suffered bad services below:

      • Plan 1299 was supposed to be 3Mbps but my present connection peaks only at 2.5Mbps
      • The said plan should offer WiFi router but I'm still using cable modem router due to lock-in period from upgrading my 1299 2Mbps before.
      • Dynamic DNS is not working anymore due to 10.xxx.xxx.xxx IP address assigned and I believed Globe closed most of the ports, only http/https ports are retained.
      • Calling to your CSR and they're offering always this scripted static IP address for PhP 770.  Due to limited IPv4, these static addresses are usually availed by business only.   Another one is to contact the technician of our CCTV but I was the one who set up these working IP cams for 2 years and even the technicians are telling me that it is hopeless to connect to Globe so they're referring to switch to the other network.
      • Your sales representative offered me your new high speed plan but only limited from meager gigabytes!

      It's really frustrating and disappointing that they called it improving their services last November 2014 when this double NAT was implement but it made matter worst.

      Checking all the forums, post and comments about your recent improvement, I don't know to what subscribers are you referring to?  Farmers, fisherman and to those areas they're just experiencing the internet.

      YOU DIDN"T PUT THESE UNDER TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND YOU JUST IMPLEMENT THE LIMITED CONNECTION without advising your subscribers.  Can you not find way to restore at least home connectivity for me stay longer another 18 years?  Sorry if I sound disgruntled but I don't know business model or service upgrade you're implementing given that our country is now trailing from our neighbors to this communication infrastructure.

      Kindly post to your websites and all your clients about home connectivity workaround for this carrier grade NAT you've implemented.  It's like that we're using proxy only just to connect to outside.  Hay naku Globe pa man din corporate name and image you want to project but you're limiting your services little by little.  You'll lose long time subscribers in the near future....