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    Iphone 6 - Sim Card Not Installed


      Hi guys.


      I've been using the iphone 6 since November 2014 and just today this morning, the phone shows error SIM CARD NOT INSTALLED. the sim i've been using is working on other phones and i tried all the basic trouble shooting as initial check. but to no luck still the iphone does not read the sim. during my break this lunch, i went to a globe store to have it check and still they can't figure out whats wrong with the phone even with a new sim.


      Now what they asked me to do is go to APPLE (or Power MAC) to have the phone check.


      I'm just so sad coz i've been taking care of the phone very well and this just happen.


      So if you guys encounter this and your phone is still in warranty, go to Globe Store and request for certification to be presented at the APPLE.