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    Sustainable internet speed and loyalty rewards


      My location is in Lagawe and had been a subscriber since 2008 internet broadband but I'm still using a 3g B200 with built in wifi (upgrade from a B200 without a built in wifi) which sometimes shift to a lower internet speed without me doing anything, then it can shift to a fast internet speed (3G maximum). We never changed our subscription. New ones of the same product arose and are very good but we never change our B200 since the last upgrade. It's still good but someone has change the default password. Before, if I use the default setting in the advance tab, the internet speed becomes normal but the internet connection shuts off. Later, the same low speed internet when the internet connection turns on. Any update or help for a sustainable internet speed without being compromised by those service providers through globe franchise. Sustainable internet speed is a requirement for xero accounting software to function and we need it so badly. We need a sustainable internet speed for a later job description.