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    DT ignite on postpaid Note 4


      I just discovered this DTignite today. I also have a Note 4 and was surprised when I got an error saying that I don't have sufficient device space anymore when I was trying to download an app.


      I found a folder named DTignite with a file size of 4.2GB. I didn't download anything recently so it was surprising why I have an unknown folder eating up a lot of space. I opened the folder and I saw lots of APK files with the globe logo on each of them. There were 1,482 files!





      The APKs requires super permissions, one of which is to "modify global system settings", and DTignite grants every permission requests without the user's knowledge.



      Called the customer service hotline, and unsurprisingly the agent didn't know anything about DTignite. He then asked for help from technical person on his end, asked for my number and put me on hold, got back and said a report will be filed, advised me to go to the nearest globe store.


      I checked the folder later on and found out that all 1,842 files have been deleted mysteriously. My suspicion was it was deleted remotely as I didn't do anything to the folder because I was intending to show it when I visit their store.



      Having been highly alarmed about this app's existence on my device and the things it can do without me knowing or granting permission, I searched net further for DTignite.


      DT ignite, as reported by several android blogs and forums, is "an app that updates itself and APKs under its control without the user's knowledge or permission. Its sole purpose is to download/update apps and install them without going through the standard Android package manager. It is shady, but the lack of information provided to users is unconscionable." Sources: HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource | Android bloatware alert: DT Ignite automated app installer spotted on T-Mobile, Verizon phones | Greenbot


      I went to the Globe Tower to seek an answer/explanation but as expected the agent there, though she was patient with this difficult technical issue, didn't know anything about DTignite. She consulted a lot of people but no one could give a definite answer. They even suggested that this issue is not of Globe's but of Samsung's, the device manufacturer, since they were the ones who delivered them the devices.


      That doesn't make sense because Samsung has nothing to gain with DTignite. As the blogs explained, it is a new way of carriers to install carrier(bloatware) apps on to their customer's devices, instead of pre-loading the devices with bloatware apps. Of course they (the carriers) get more money with this. Source: Digital Turbine Ignite - YouTube


      Further researching, I found that Globe Telecoms is in partnership with Mandalay Digital, the maker of the app no other than DTignite. Source: Globe Telecom And Mandalay Digital Partner To Boost Apps Use In Philippines -- LOS ANGELES, July 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --


      As of now, since it could not be resolved within the day, I sent them an email about everything that transpired and I know.


      I want the following questions answered:


      1) Why did not Globe disclose that this DTignite app exist? Even customer support don't know anything about it.


      2) Why do Globe would even allow an app that would update and download apps without the device's owners knowledge or permission?


      3) Is this privacy breach even legal?


      4) Knowing that the apps it installs (without the user's knowledge) has super permissions, what else is the app DTignite capable of?


      5) DTignite has downloaded more than 4GB of files without me knowing, how sure is it that those will not be reflected in my data consumption?


      6) Can I remove this from my device permanently? Will it keep downloading 4GB of files without me knowing?