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      Good day! I am having a very bad and frustrating experience with your gcash virtual american express. I applied for the service for me to be able to buy gems in my clash of clans. I have used the service in two separate occasions since I have only 500 pesos limit per month based on your policy. I am one of your postpaid customer. I applied for that service on Feb and took advantage the service on the same month, second time I used it was on the first week of March. As what I have understand that if you are a postpaid customer, the amount that you've spent using the virtual amex card will  go directly to your postpaid account wherein I can pay it in any authorized center. however, for some reason the bill is not reflecting in my current statement. based on your help page the bill will be reflected in the next billing cycle and it will also reflect on the day That I have purchased something using the card and since its been 2 months now since I've used it then I should get a statement or prompt for me to pay it. unfortunately there is no trace in my statemet That I have used the virtual card. it should state there "purchases digi good" based on your help page. its been really exhausting for me just to figure out on how to pay that bill. I contacted your customer service hotline and spoke to many people and none of them resolve or at least gave me an answer to my query.  I tried to contact ur hotline 2882 so many times but I cant get through with a live person. I've spent 5 hours on the phone and spoke to different agents with the issue still unresolve, worst, I went to ayala cebu (globe center) same day and the customer rep that assisted me there seems like he doesnt know what he's doing or the service perhaps. I was told that the transaction might have not gotten through where I am very certain that it did coz I was able to buy gems and used it in the game. I was told to wait til nxt month and wait for the second statement to be available and if the issue is still present I should go back to the store. that is unacceptable! I've been wasting a lot of time and energy just to figure out on how to pay the balance! I cant wait anymore. I cant update my apps in itunes coz I have to settle first the payment. I cant change payment method in itunes to no payment coz I still have to pay the remaining balance on my virtual amex card. another thing. I only spent 20 dollars of digital goods and I got a message that says I've reached the 5k limit? what does it mean? am I now going to pay 5k where I only spent less than 1k for the digi goods?! PLEASE HELP! My postpaid number is 09173029448. my name is John Hatague. please call me on that number as soon as possible. I can only take ur call by the way from 12 noon to 6pm during weekdays. this is very important since I am getting less patient as the time goes by. Thank you


      p.s: Globe; I wouldnt be able to see your reply here because I am very busy. it is best for you to contact me on the number that I have provided. this is very urgent. Thank you