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    WIB card


      everytime na mag reregister po ako sa Globe promos lagin pong lumalabas yung " you are not connected on WIB card!" ano po yung gagawin ko?

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          Is that an "old" sim you are using? You can always have that replaced in any Globe Store for free so that you can avail of their new promos.

          WIB (Wireless Internet Brower) enables users to download menus dynamically, perform online browsing of information and access to services. Thus, the WIB card is a very suitable product for mobile operators wishing to deploy a wide variety of value-added applications and services. The WIB card also has many useful features e.g. data security, speed enhancement and anti-cloning mechanisms that make it a compelling proposition for mobile operators who want easy, secure and flexible deployment and management of services for their subscribers.