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    defective unit


      Hi goodmorning ask ko lang po bakit ang bilis ma-drained ng battery

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          Battery life depends on the usage and capacity. If you feel that there is a problem with your device battery, you can visit the nearest Globe Store to have it check if it is within 7-days of ownership. If you are out of the 7-day replacement policy, but within the 1 year warranty of the device you can bring the device to it's local authorize service provider for checking.

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            Actually it depends on the unit ..... im a Blackberry user last time.. in-fairness to the battery of it VS android and iOs phones which i experiencing easily battery drain not exceeding to 7hrs, my phone already drain but because i mostly use for data and wifi... and once im not using data or like when im busy or asleep, i make it to appoint that data is off. Also i make i assure that all apps which i am not using is iBut, why not check your device as well nearest Globe Store for checking.