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    Unlocking Globe-bought iPhone without a contract


      Hi everyone, I recently bought an iPhone 5s at a Globe Store without a contract. I'm actually a current Globe subscriber but since I really didn't want to recontract since I want to leave my old plan as it is, I got an iPhone from Globe. I actually called the hotline and the consultant said that he won't be able to process my request since he thought I just had an out-of-contract phone, and he's not very knowledgeable about phones acquired from Globe without a contract. So I was just wondering, is it possible for this phone to be legitimately unlocked by Globe? I'm not planning to change providers, but since an unlocked phone may come in handy if ever I go abroad or something, I'm just wondering if it's possible. Thanks.

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          Makes me wonder why you had to get it from Globe without a contract when it was just about the same price (or even cheaper) from authorized dealers outside (and unlocked).


          Nevertheless, I have brought that up too before about unlocking out of contract or prepaid iphones purchased from globe which are still locked to globe and since then the policy has not been changed YET.


          To be able to qualify for iphone unlocking, the unit must have been from a contract which had been finished AND the subscriber is still ACTIVE with the SAME account from where the iphone was contracted.


          Who knows, their policy might have changed and it is worth a try otherwise it might be easier if you have it unlocked outside.