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    Need Help with VOIP Phone


      I need some help here.

      Got a new Job requiring VOIP Phone, so I bought one :


      http://www.voptech.com/html/productdetail_200.html Brand new.


      My Modem is the BN593s22(Router Integrated) Globe LTE


      I attached phone into Modem-Router directly, got the browser correct, used all correct addresses, had the phone supplier with Teamviewer inside trying, My Employer tried with Teamviewer  (He got Callcenter and knows what he is doing!) Even a buddy nearby looked (IP geek)

      Nobody could achieve anything.


      In the hope the Technician can do something I also actually asked Globe to upgrade my LTE to a higher Speed, bus as usual the Tech did not show up yet after 10 days. (Balamban-Toledo City area is always slow!)


      Now my Employer slowly gets impatient and I am getting desperate.


      Any Ideas why and what is wrong here . The Phone or the LTE Modem or Globe Itself`?


      SOFTPHONE (Zoiper) works btw.!

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          if your voip phone cannot detect an IP address kindly ring to your ISP SO THEY CAN PROVIDE U ONE. did you connect the VOIP in the router?

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              Well, of course the Phone can detect an IP address(same as the entire computer config except the last digit) . It is the same one with the last ending depending on which of the four ports i plugged the phone in.

              So that is not the problem.

              The phone was connected to the modem-router. GLOBE BN593-s22 is a combined peripheral.


              The Problem is (I guess) happening between GLOBE Modem-Router and the Internet.

              The "Softphone" works, but the hardware attached to the GLOBE seems to be difficult.