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    Tattoo LTE mobile wifi on charger constantly switches itself off - battery problem ?


      My mobile wifi is only 1 month old and I use it at home as my wifi device - so it is running and connected to the charger 99% of all the time.

      In this "mode" the battery status sign is always showing the "charging" animation.


      For the last 2 weeks now I encountered that the device increasingly switches itself off.
      It cannot be too much heat as I have it placed besides a small fan.


      As the battery needs to be installed for the device to work (without a battery it is not possible to operate on a charger) I like to know if other users encountered the same behaviour and if the battery maybe is broken after just one month now.


      How can this problem then be avoided ?
      If the battery is the reason - do I get a free replacement from globe on warranty?