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    HI. How is Globe dealing with the installment cashouts? Are they taking out the installment amount every month or they will be holding the full amount against my credit limit and you will just be paying your credit card provider monthly?


      I pre-ordered for the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE. I qualified for Plan 1799 but unluckily I have a line only business plan which has a credit limit of 700 so they deducted that on my the 1799 having me only be able to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at Plan999 which has a huge cashout that my credit card cannot handle. I mentioned this to the sales rep but she said that it is okay since my monthly will on be just Php2200 (including the monthly cashout and the MSF) so I agreed with the Plan 999. But Im not confident that this would be the case, I am pretty sure that they will taking of the amount against my credit limit so I explained to her but she reiterated that its okay. Can you please advise on which is which? I really need to get this sorted out before the pre order release.


      Thank you so much!