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    Internet Connection Intermittent .


      Connection type: LTE

      Location: Caloocan, Bagong Barrio

      Plan Speed: 5 MBPS

      What I get: 1.5 MBPS - 3 MBPS (rarely 4)

      -not sure if this should be correct peak hours vs non-peak hours vs government policy for consumer protection law which I believe should be 80% of what we bought.

      -that's not my main concern


      My concern is that my connection gets disconnected for no good reason. The mode/signal indicator turns red and when I check the broadband status its disconnected. How does this happen?


      March 18, 2015: I did get in touch with a technical representative from globe and they gave me troubleshooting instructions and I know they even check my connection status on their end and confirmed that my account is active and no issues at all. eventually they forwarded the issue to a local support. like a magic before the Local Support was able to contact me the connection went up and running.


      March 22, 2015 but we reported it on the 23rd hoping that the same magic will re-occur. My brother had to report the issue but got nothing so i gave them a call on the 24th and had the same troubleshooting and then provided the complaint to the Local Support given an allotted time from 8AM-8PM, that was ok.


      March 26: the date when the Local support should arrive, I do understand the queue of the local support that's why it has to be that long(or with a lot of subscriber they should give a reason to act prompt for their customers to provide quality support and service)

      I waited since the time given until 7:00 PM but no one arrived of informed me.


      I called the customer service to inform that the Local support did not gave me any update on what will happen. So they escalated my issue and promise that they will give me update..... but no one did


      March 27, 2015: I gave globe customer service another call, this time the reason was given to me and it was a really great reason.

      ~they gave me an information that my request/complaint/issue has been cancelled by the team because the agent who handled the ticket entered a wrong information. I am still not angry with that, what I did is I requested that I wanted to have a local tech to visit me and check my connection if its suitable to a DSL or I'll still be best on my LTE connectivity.


      This is really awkward for a consumer like me I am buying a service and if you are not able to give me the service then better cut our relationship. I mean if giving a customer what you promised is inconvenient and might as well cut the line.


      I called the desk for removing my globe home broadband connection, they provided me information on the same issue and told me that they get in touch/update the ticket.


      -Sunday came called globe once more and told me the same instance "that my request/complaint/issue has been cancelled by the team because the agent who handled the ticket entered a wrong information." i got a wonderful Sunday.


      It's so confusing because We have our antenna aligned with a globe tower which can be seen through our window. I do have an LTE connection on my mobile phone which is really good (It's Globe Postpaid) yet my broadband connection is disconnected


      Sunday morning our connection was connected like magic again.


      Right now I'm monitoring my broadband and taking screenshots, time and date. I don't want to have this happen again as a consumer, If I and to cut my subscription I should have a good reason. Paying more than PHP 5,000.00 is ridiculous to cut my line with this type of service.


      Sorry for the long story. Cutting it short is that:

      I lost my internet connection for 1 week and no one was able to help nor gave me information what is happening.

      If this is going to happen monthly its not good, inconvenient I may say. I need to do a lot of work task so as my siblings doing their school works.


      BTW get agents that are capable to understanding not just hearing that the other parties say.

      Active Listening is better that hearing.

      Ask for a survey once the complaint is resolved or closed. Its not practical to give a survey after a day that you knew its still in progress. Of course everything is still positive at that time we have reported the issue unless we can request to have it move on another day.