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    gosurf299 700mb instead of 1.5gb


      i was hoping that the gosurf299 have 1.5 gb mobile internet, it is say on their promo. so when i subscribe to it i only got 700mb . where's the rest of my 800mb mobile internet? this is what it say on this site "Enjoy fast affordable mobile internet (as much as 1.5 GB) for only P299! Plus, stay entertained with HOOQ or Spotify for FREE".. so HOOQ or Spotify should be free and Must not included in the 1.5gb mobile internet since it is stated on their promo...  so are they telling me that they are lying to the people about the promo since you will just get 700mb instead of 1.5gb?

      even when you dial on*143# and go to gosurf299 it is stated there that you will get 1.5gb on mobile internet in 30 days

      need some answer about this

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          ironclaw Are you under Best Ever My Super Plan? According to GoSURF299 | Plans and Promos | Mobile Internet and GoSURF | Plans and Promos | Mobile Internet - Globe:


          GoSURF10 is available for Prepaid subscribers only. The NEW GoSURF299 (1.5 GB) and GoSURF499 (3GB) are available for myLifestyle Plan customers.


          If you are on Best Ever My Super Plan, My Super Plan, or older, the previous GoSURF299 (700MB) and GoSURF 499 (1.5 GB) still apply if taken as combos or freebies. Enjoy the new improved MB allocation by switching to the new Globe myLifestyle Plan. Or you can get them as boosters on top of your current plan by texting the keyword to 8888.


          You will need to change to MyLifestyle Plan to get the improved MB allocation.


          GlennO Maybe the 143 menu can be updated to reflect this requirement of switching?

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              why is it that whatever is allocated free as part of the plan can not just simply be listed in the billing.  Let's take the OP issue for instance... he is expecting 1.5GB and yet only got 700MB.  And have to go through all the hassle of searching Globe's too crowded website for info if he do have 700MB or 1.5GB.


              And even if he found it (as your link provided), it would also raise eyebrows as to which is which since different plans have different data allocation.


              If the EXACT total allocation is listed on the bill (as in black and white), then the digging for information should have been lessen.

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              I also experienced this. I am a Tattoo prepaid subscriber, i intended to register to GoSURF299 for 1.5 GB for 30 days. When i was using the wifi device, i was able to use it for a short span of time. When I checked MyAccount through the Globe website, I saw that I am registered to GoSURF299 with only 700 MB for 30 days (also saw that I've fully consumed the 700MB data allocation) -- and the tab "Subscribe to a Promo" lists GoSURF299 as having 700MB instead of 1.5 GB. What is this? I tried chatting a globe representative and also called the hotline but no one was able to answer or give me clarification. This is misleading - if they advertise GoSURF299 as having 1.5 GB then of course we expect to get the full 1.5 GB, not 700MB. Globe, please correct this.