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    Tattoo Home Broadband Data Caps (Work at home)


      I'm using a tattoo wimax broadband that can reach 2mbps speed.
      The data cap is pretty awesome since my subscription is capable of having 150Gb per month.


      I am planning to upgrade my speed to 7Mbps because I work at home and it needs to have an awesome speed to get jobs online. Unfortunately our subdivision doesn't allow us to get wired connection.

      *which is totally st***d! so I had no choice but to keep my subscription since I'm in a contract.
      Globe has a new policy for data caps. I already called customer service about it and I was wondering if the 30Gb + 10Gb extra data allowance per month is okay for VOIP usages for 12 hours straight everyday?


      I hope one of the subscribers would reply to this thread.

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          I know this is a very late reply, but I find it essential for others to know. Honestly, the speed of your current plan (which is 2 mbps) is good enough to conduct inbound/outbound calls, provided that no other devices/PCs are plugged using the same source. But since we all have this data capping, you may find it difficult in the long run as you won't have a concrete idea to how many calls you will conduct and receive each day. Based on my experience, I would consume around 3-4G data every day - but this depends on the quantity and the intervals of each calls (let alone the length of time per call). My two cents, get a better plan or DATA Allowance, if you plan to have a steady connection especially when using VOIP. Trust me, you'll never regret at the end.