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    Is 4G Superstick really runs on 4G?


      What brings me this question was if 4G superstick really runs on 4G why its not equipped to get LTE signal?


      LTE = 4G


      4G superstick optimun signal is only HSPA+ 


      HSPA+ is enhanced 3G or 3.9G specifically


      so HSPA+ is still within the spectrum of 3G technology.


      Globe made this deceptive marketing ads claiming that they had expanded their 4G network nationwide at the expense of $700M.


      But technically speaking 4G superstick is not 4G.


      Here is the different signal you may observe on your dongle


      GPRS = 2G

      EDGE = 2.5G

      WCDMA = 3G

      HSDPA = 3.5G

      HSPA+ = 3.9G




      LTE = 4G