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    When to renew postpaid plan


      My plan ends in March 2016 but I've been reading about how the deliveries of new phones are taking forever and the like. When do you guys suggest I renew my plan?

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          Hi kattoviray you can renew your plan 30 days before it ends. You can check the exact date when your contract ends via My Account in Globe website or request for contract information via My Account or GServices app

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            Hi kattoviray


            In terms of phone delivery, I think people experience difficulties after the launch of a flagship device (Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series, and the Apple iPhone). In this case the demand is greater than the supply hence the difficulty within the supply chain. It's not just Globe that has these issues when a flagship launches, other global carriers would also encounter difficulties coping up with the demand.


            Personally speaking, I would upgrade during the off-season (middle of the year) when the demand has plateaued, and there is now a steady supply.


            Hope this helps.

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