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    New Account My Super Plan


      I am planning to get a Plan 2499 + Unli Surf 999 combo + Galaxy S4 + Unli call/text booster for 24 months.

      I already go to globe store but they did not accept some of my documents.


      I know the required documents already. Is this enough? just to be clear

      1.Proof of Identity:  ID/Postal ID

      2.Proof of Billing address: Form 2316 or ITR? oh when i first go to globe store they did not accept this.. asking me to get Certificate of employement with compensation. They should be only checking the address.

      3. Proof of Income: Certificate of employement, I also have payslip but they did not accept it cause the half month payslip is not visible due to low ink.. im giving him my payslip starting from 2013 but they did not accept it, saying they can't jump.



      I have existing globe sim, can i use this for the postpaid?

      How many days before i can get the gadget?

      How much I am going to pay on the cashier when i am going to get the gadget?
      With combo unlisurf 999 + booster unli call/text. meaning i have access to internet and unli call/text for 24 months? then the remaining PV can be use for other networks as consumables?


      I really appreciate the reply.. thanks in advance!


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          1. If your sim is prepaid, they will give you a new SIM, the number will be generated by their system or your preferred one.

          2. For Globe Store, once your application is approved you can get the unit right away if they have stock, if not then they will just txt you, this serve as reservation already. 2- days to a week waiting time.

          3. For Plan 2499, no cashout for S4

          4. Yes thats correct.