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    e Store ?


      For 3 days now I try to upgrade my Mac to OSX 10.10.3 - luckily Apple isn't giving out DVDs anymore so I am pushed to download the 2.02 GB over the internet.


      I use Globe Tattoo LTE postpaid - that usually can do a decent download speed of 8-10Mbps/s - but at the moment unfortunately not for the Apple Store (as I have around 3-4Mbps for other websites still)


      So for 3 days now I can't download the upgrade because the available bandwidth for the Apple store is limited to a max of 50KB/s ... if this would be constantly available. Often I just see 2 or 5KB or even 0 - and about 10 times the download failed at all so that I have to restart completly.


      As I live in Cebu City - does anybody know where Globe offers a free WiFi with a decent enough speed so that I can bring my MacBook there for the upgrade ?

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          Unfortunately, even if you try to connect a decent wifi if the Apple server limit it's download speed due to the number of user who are also downloading the free upgrade it will not change. I suggest that you just bring your computer to the nearest Power Mac may be they have free installer in order for you to upgrade the OSx version.