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    phone availability and nano sim for re-contracting, super delay!


      Here's the scenario: iphone 5 16gb white for plan 1799 with ref#50211339


      I placed the order for plan re-contracting on April 22.  the CSR who processed the order told me that it will take 6 business days for me to claim the unit.  I even asked him if it's sure and he told me that it is and the unit will be availble by Apr 30. 


      Days had passed and too many follow ups calling 211, no luck until last May 6, someone from Globe Festival Mall Business Center in Alabang called me saying that they have an availble unit and I had to get it in  24hrs or else they will give it to another subscriber.  So I went there that day, made an effort, only to find out after waiting for hours on the CSR que, after filling up the form... alas! the CSR told me that they have no nano sim availble!!! :smileysad:


      Up to now, after several ff-ups, no luck on the unit.