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    Unlimited promo w/o receiving confirmation or system reply due to network error



      I was billed for an unlimited call/text promo(599/mo) reflected on my bill without using it due to misinformation. Customer support confirmed that I subscribed to Globe unlimited promo but there is no record from the system that I subscribed for it without the proper information that I subscribed for it successfully. The confirmation system that they provide is a system reply via text and I believed that their system is not 100% guaranteed perfect especially during system maintenance. I ask for a refund due to not using it, with an evidence that I only used outside less than the Max of my plan based on my summary of charges reflected in the bill. But the customer support agent told me that is cannot be refunded. Its so unfair. I would like to share this experience to all the postpaid subscriber to be careful on Globe Offers for unlimited call and text. They have no plans for refund if their system fails in the side of the subscriber. I am posting this one in twitter and facebook for public awareness.