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      To globe agents...

      I have a problem with my globe bill since 2013 and i've been trying to keep in touch with your globe office here in tagaytay but unfortunately they cannot give feed back to me until now. They created a case already regarding the bill adjustment with case number 53096532 dated February 5, 2014. I just want to get feedback on this and i want to settle whatever is really due for me and clear my name.

      I did not receive the statement for long and tried to get in your globe office personally for  how many times but due to system problem they cannot provide me a copy and after how many month's of waiting, they sent me statement saying that my bill was 84,000 plus. I was so surprised that time as my plan is only 599 and that's super plan all unli to globe and TM. siguro, samantalang before, na hindi nakreceive ng bill from globe na-cut ang line ko when i reached the credit limit. I was charged with calls that was not supossed to bew charged to me as my plan is unlimmitted calls and text to globe and tm. Anybody who can help me on this so i can settle it and clear my name.

      thank you