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    Data Cap usage, need explanations



      i need explanations in data-cap usage:


      1. is there a deduction on my data-cap usage just simple browsing fb / youtube and playing games online?

      2. how many really the data-cap for 5mbps at this moment of this year?

      3. kindly explain these:  "Monthly Data", "Additional Data Allowance", and "Data Test Drive Promo"

      4. if ever i reach my data-cap does it really downs my speed to 64kps or it will refuse my next data-cap for the next month?

      5. do you have a tool(s) to control the downloading files on my network/wifi?


      thank you in advance


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          1. YES

          2. Are you asking how much Data you've already consumed or what the data cap is for a 5mbps line?

          3. Monthly data = amount of data you are allowed to consume in a month before being throttled

          Additional Data Allowance = you can pay to increase your data allowance if already throttled.

          Data Test Drive = additional 50GB allowance for your first 3 months so you have a better idea of your data usage requirement

          4. If you reach your cap, it will slow down your connection

          5. You will need specialized hardware for this.

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            i remember i saw a globe website on my cellphone that indicated ive already used 8gb of my daily 10gb allowance (im subscribed to 1,599 DSL 5mpbs 10gb data cap per day)


            my problem is i forgot which website it is..can someone help me? i already sent an email to globe regarding this but their agent said they dont have that program but i remember i saw it

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              I really regret using globe as my internet provider. The fact is they are actually manipulating people without explaining what is "cap" usage is. I am going to point out one very good example.

              I am running at 5mbps and they are offering HOOQ,Spotify or NBA League Pass as for them to entice people from subscribing to globe


              Well if you are not a tech savvy person and  really not familiar with "cap" usage you will tell yourself wow! Free NBA LEAGUE PASS! AYOS TO! May  SPOTIFY pa!

              of course you will use this without hesitation then, all of a sudden "cap" you cant stream anymore cant enjoy your internet anymore. 50GB+60GB is not enough if you are offering this kind of products to your customer because it will eat a lot of your allotted data for your home. LUGE!!


              Streaming videos in HOOQ will really eat up all of the data allotted to you too. So this is also not good. And remember you will only have (50GB+60GB for the 1st 3 months. Then it will go down to 50GB per month. LUGENG LUGE!!


              This service is very expensive and very "madaya" in the U.S they offer 6mbps for 400pesos per month and 250GB per month also. wag natin sabihin na USA yun eh. Yun na nga eh! USA na yun pero ang mura ang laki pa ng data mo 250GB! Just really disappointed with globe. Madugas! Anyways DUTERTE na tayo! Good luck sa inyo globe

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                BTW, if you made ubos the data cap today, would I have to wait till July for the speed to go back to normal?